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The Kickstarter for The Last Days of Old Sharakhai is now live!

Today is launch day on Kickstarter for The Last Days of Old Sharakhai, my latest Shattered Sands novella, is now live! Assassins, blade maidens, and conniving kings in the desert's Amber Jewel!

The Last Days of Old Sharakhai is the sixth novella in the critically acclaimed, sand-fueled epic fantasy series The Song of the Shattered Sands. Set near the end of A Desert Torn Asunder (the final book of the series), the story focuses on King Ihsan during a time when nearly everyone in the main tale loses track of him:

King Ihsan, once thought invincible, is now a fugitive in the city he once ruled. Struck by the black mould, a deadly wasting disease, Ihsan knows his days of ruling Sharakhai are coming to an end. His goals are simpler now. He’s focused on his daughter Ransaneh and her prospects when he’s gone, and that means forging a lasting peace in the desert.

When Ihsan’s grandsons try to convince him to return Sharakhai to its former, authoritarian rule, he’s left with a difficult choice. Siding with his grandsons and the city’s old guard could easily rekindle hostilities and lead to a resumption of the devastating war with the desert tribes, while a refusal would instantly turn him and Ransaneh into targets for revenge.

With very few friends left, Ihsan allies himself with Shohreh, a legendary swordswoman who mere months ago would gladly have killed Ihsan with her bare hands. But Shohreh bore witness to the terrible war that just ended. The last thing she wants is a return of the bloodshed. What follows is a game of assassins, political intrigue, and desperate flights as Ihsan tries to stay ahead of his enemies and set Sharakhai on a path toward peace.

It's a fast-paced but emotional tale featuring one of the series' most beloved characters in King Ihsan. The Last Days of Old Sharakhai is complete at 23k words and ready to be produced and released. There are plenty of rewards and add-ons for new fans and old fans alike.

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