A Veil of Spears is done, complete, turned in!

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Veil of Spears front cover sm

A few weeks back, I turned in the final proof pages for A Veil of Spears. It feels really good to get that done. Now it’s mostly downhill for me in terms of in put until the actual release. Speaking of that, stay tuned for some upcoming giveaways!

The final tally was 207k words of hot, sandy goodness. The process of editing the proof pages was interesting this time. The first few pages needed some real work, and that stuck with me through the whole draft, this impression that the draft was rough. But in reality, after going back for a second pass, there were really only 4-5 places that were rough.

I’m proud of this book. We’ve officially reached the halfway point in the series, and lots of things are bubbling. So much of the groundwork laid in the first two books is starting to pay off and leading to the larger climax of the series. It’s really exciting for me to see that happen, and I hope it is for you too.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for supporting me and the series. Your help has been invaluable, and I hope if you enjoy this new installment, you’ll spread the word as you have in the past.

Almost there, everyone!