Celebrating 50K! A new Shattered Sands Giveaway!

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Recently the Shattered Sands series as a whole hit 50k in worldwide English sales. I’ve always tried to take time to celebrate these sorts of milestones, and this certainly seemed like a good one to acknowledge. What better way than with a giveaway for you, the fans of the series?

To help spread the word about the series, I’m giving away 25 copies of some of my new ebooks as well as 5 audiobooks.

Here’s what I’m including:

Doors-at-Dusk-and-Dawn-Website-Cover OfSandandMalice Brightwine-Website-Cover Lays-of-Anuskaya-Website-Cover

How to enter? Before November 1st at midnight CDT (GMT -6), simply retweet on Twitter or re-post on Facebook any of my tweets/posts for this giveaway. You can use the links to find my feeds, or search for the hashtag #50kgiveaway on either platform.

For those who have yet to take the plunge, there’s still time to nab discounted electronic copies (in the US and Canada) of both Twelve Kings in Sharakhai ($2.99) and With Blood Upon the Sand ($5.99).

Finally, I want to thank you all. Your support has meant the world to me. This series couldn’t have reached such a wide audience without you spreading the word.

Now, let’s give away some free books!