A new Shattered Sands chapter header has arrived!

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Hey gang! Anyone fan of the Shattered Sands series already knows about the chapter headers I had commissioned for the series. These are the pieces of artwork that show up at the top of each chapter to indicate whose POV we’re about to launch into. There are adichara blooms for Çeda:


A scarab for Emre:


A shield and swords design for the Kings:


And so on. The latest is for a character named Brama. He’s a thief. Or was when we first met him. He ran the streets with Çeda and Emre in their younger days. But then Çeda asked for Brama’s help in dealing with a particularly thorny issue. In Of Sand and Malice Made, Çeda stumbles across an ehrekh, a djinni-like creature. Or rather, the ehrekh stumbles across her. What follows was a hair raising chapter not only in Çeda’s life. Things went much worse for Brama. He was mercilessly tortured by the ehrekh and has the scars to prove it.

Brama makes a cameo in Book Two of the series, With Blood Upon the Sand. But I’d always planned on expanding his tale in Book Three, A Veil of Spears, and beyond. Long story short, Brama is getting his own POV and so needed his own chapter header.


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As I did with the previous pieces, I worked with stellar artist Adam Paquette. I think it turned out wonderfully. The knife encapsulates Brama’s life as a thief, while the sapphire represents his, well, let’s just say his special relationship with the ehrekh that cause him so much pain. If you want to learn more about it, pick up a copy of Of Sand and Malice Made and find out.

I’ll also give a shout out to the Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology, which contains a Shattered Sands novella about Brama and his story after the events shown in Of Sand and Malice Made.

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