Announcing the Ides of March Sale!

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Ides-of-March-Sale-Winds   Ides-of-March-Sale-Straits

Ides-of-March-Sale-Flames   Ides-of-March-Sale-Passage

Starting today, you can nab four of my titles at steep discounts. You can get entire Lays of Anuskaya trilogy for less than $5 and a my premiere short story collection (which includes 2 Lays of Anuskaya short stories) for 2 bucks more.

You can get any of the titles above, DRM-free and in multiple formats (Kindle, EPUB, and PDF) via the online Quillings Store, but it’s also available worldwide on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Google Play, and iTunes.

Sale runs through the end of the month! Thanks, and if you have a moment, please spread the word!