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Winds-of-Khalakovo-Cover Straits-of-Galahesh-Cover Flames-of-Shadam-Khoreh-Cover

Lest-Our-Passage-Be-Forgotten-med Prima-Cover-med Tulandan-Cover


To celebrate the release of my latest book, With Blood Upon the Sand, I’ve put all of my ebooks on sale. Here are the prices:

  • The Winds of Khalakovo — $1.99
  • The Straits of Galahesh — $2.99
  • The Flames of Shadam Khoreh — $2.99
  • Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten (short story collection) — $1.99
  • In the Stars I’ll Find You (short story collection) — $1.99
  • Prima, a Dark Tale from the Lays of Anuskaya — $0.49 (note: this story is included in Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten)
  • To the Towers of Tulandan, a Lays of Anuskaya short — $0.49 (note: this story is included in Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten)

This sale ends Sunday, February 12th, so grab your copies now!

You can click any of the links above to get the buy links for Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Or you can by direct via the Quillings Online Store.

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