I’m a Worldbuilders True SEO Hero!

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True SEO Hero Badge

I’m proud to participate with the Worldbuilders organization, either as part of their big charity drive at the end of the year or other smaller efforts throughout the rest of the year. They’re a great non-profit organization started by Pat Rothfuss to help donate to great charities like Heifer International, Mercy Corps, and more.

Definitely take a look at Worldbuilders to see the good work they’re doing. And as part of that effort, they’re running a clever campaign to help boost their search rankings. This is done by getting other websites to link to them, thereby boosting their profile in various search engines’ internal rankings. They’re calling the drive True SEO Hero, which means that you can become a hero just by linking to their site.

You can find out more about the effort, including how to become a True SEO Hero yourself, at their website.