The Burning Light gets a Starred Review from PW

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I heard the news over the weekend and have been dying to share since then. Turns out, The Burning Light received a starred review from Publishers Weekly!

Beaulieu and Ziegler take a brief but intense look at a future clash between government forces and the latest addiction. Two centuries in the future, the addictive threat isn’t a simple chemical substance but a “spontaneous sentient entity” called the Burning Light, a “pattern emergent in the primordial human noise” that seeks its own continuance by subsuming humanity.

For those who aren’t aware, most of the major review outlets will write up small encapsulations of books, along with their thoughts on what did or didn’t work. They’re typically one longish paragraph in length. But for those they particularly like, they’ll give out a star.

The authors imbue this novella with the emotional heft of something much grander through sharp characterizations, detailed worldbuilding, vibrant descriptions, and thunderous action pieces.

It’s a pretty big deal to get a star from PW. They’re fairly stingy with them. The general readership doesn’t know much about those reviews, but it does mean the book will get more notice from book buyers. Hopefully they buy more, read it, and push it more in stores. And hopefully that leads to more sales overall.

Read the full review over at Publishers Weekly.