Twelve Kings makes the Gemmell Long List!

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The David Gemmell awards were created in 2009 to honor the memory and career of David Gemmell. Three prizes are granted annually: The Morningstar Award for Best Debut Fantasy Novel in English, The Ravenheart Award for Best Fantasy Cover Art, and The Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel. You can vote for any of these at the awards’ voting page.

I was lucky enough to be on the long list in 2012 for The Winds of Khalakovo for the Morningstar. I’m pleased to once again be on the ballot, this time for the Legend Award. It would be cool to make the shortlist, but let’s be serious here. The real prize is this killer award:


Who wouldn’t want an award in the shape of a battle axe?!? And it even has a cool name. The Snaga! It’s a half-sized replica of the weapon wielded by Druss the Deathwalker in the works of David Gemmell, and is fashioned annually by Simon Fearnhamm of the Raven Armory, who make seriously cool weapons.

Voting is super easy. Just two clicks! If you enjoyed Twelve Kings, I’d love it if you went to the voting page and voted for Twelve Kings.

And! The UK cover art is also up for the Ravenheart Award! If you liked that cover (shown below), be sure to put in a vote for that as well.


Thanks, all. And if you like these sort of awards, be sure to spread the news to other fantasy fans!