Upcoming Releases – Or, Wow Am I Going to be Busy This Fall

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It struck me today how busy my fall is going to be.

Let’s list these out. First, the mass market paperback of TWELVE KINGS is coming out in August in the US and UK. We’re going through cover and layout changes now to convert the larger hardcover format to mmpb size. This will mark the first time I’ll be in mass market. Everything else has been trade paperback or hardback. I’m really excited by going to the new format, partially for the novelty of it, but also for the market penetration aspect. I’ve long wandered the shelves of bookstores, and of course I always wanted to be in hardcover. That format screams high profile. It shows (now perhaps more than ever) that your publisher believes in your book. But the price point for hardback is high, so it’s just a simple truth that you won’t sell as many.

But that’s what the mass market format is for. Low barrier to entry. The majority of the books on the shelves are in that format, and for good reason. They’re cheaper to buy and are (along with ebooks now) the more typical choice for a lot of readers. I’m eager to reach a wider audience, and the mass market (as well as a lower price point on the ebook) is going to help do that.

Les Douze Rois de Sharakhai

The French release of LES DOUZE ROIS DE SHARAKHAÏ is also in August from Bragelonne. I just received the cover for it, by the way, and it looks fantastique. So happy to have a Marc Simonetti cover. We’ve sold French and German rights at this point, and France will be coming out with theirs first. It’s a great market, and I’m really excited to be coming out there to have the chance to reach a new readership.


Then comes September, when OF SAND & MALICE MADE drops from DAW and Gollancz. This small novel is a prequel of sorts to TWELVE KINGS. It’s a great intro novel to the SHATTERED SANDS universe, and focuses on Çeda several years before TWELVE KINGS begins.

THE BURNING LIGHT, my collaboration with Rob Ziegler, also comes out from Tor.com Publications. It’s a novella set in a future New York after the waters have risen, making the once-great city a Venice-like wasteland. It’s a sci-fi tale with echoes of THE WINDUP GIRL and NEUROMANCER. Rob and I worked hard on this, and I think it’s a great story. I can’t wait to see how far we can take it.

And then I’ll be on the buildup to the release of WITH BLOOD UPON THE SAND early next year. This is Book 2 of THE SONG OF THE SHATTERED SANDS series, and it’s going to be a major release. I just finished the first draft and am gearing up for the next draft after getting some feedback from beta readers. But come November, I’m going to be starting the build-up, fresh off the push to let everyone know about all the other releases.

Speaking of… I don’t yet know everything I’m going to do in terms of promotion. I’m headed to GenCon for sure. I’m also going to hit World Fantasy. I might be headed across the pond to the UK and possibly France to help the releases there, but that’s very much up in the air right now. I’ll post more when things solidify, but there’s no doubt it’s going to be a busy few months.

This is a good sort of busy. It’s the kind of busy I’ve been hoping for for years. I still have the day job, and that’s going to make all of this (work, family, promotion, writing) more tricky, but here’s hoping for some strong releases that might allow me to step back from the day job, perhaps going to part-time as a stepping stone.

Wish me luck!