SFFWorld Calls Twelve Kings a Best of 2015 Fantasy Novel!

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SFFWorld has released their round-up of Best Fantasy and Horror Novels of 2015 and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai made the cut. Twice, in fact! Both Rob Bedford and Mark Yon included Twelve Kings in their list.

Here’s what they had to say:

Twelve Kings (in Sharakhai)  by Bradley Beaulieu

MarkY says: One of the books that brought me back to Epic Fantasy, after struggling with many, many dull and unengaging books this year. Brad’s book is a tale that grabbed me from the start and kept those pages turning. A big fat book that showed me how good Epic Fantasy can be, with great characters and intriguing world-building. There’s enough potential in the book to come to keep me going with the series.

Rob saysBeaulieu’s prose is bolstered by the narrative techniques, namely the interweaving of Çeda’s past along with the current storyline. He jumps back, first eleven years, then five years into her past, showing events while Çeda was eight years old and her mother was still alive, then five years in the past when she was fourteen.  Scott Lynch did this to great effect in his Gentleman Bastard sequence contrasting the life of a very young Locke Lamora with the more experienced thief known as the Thorn of Camorr. There’s also a nice interplay of fantasy flavors here, the more intimate and personal elements closely associated with Sword and Sorcery against the larger scale (worldly) elements associated with Epic Fantasy.

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