Signed Books Sale!

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Behind the scenes, I’ve been working with a few authors where each of us sets up a sale of our signed books (and other books too). Me, Brian McClellan, Jason Hough, Michael J. Sullivan, and Wesley Chu have all set up our online stores so that you can grab a book at a discount for the holidays.

Brad Beaulieu – The Lays of Anuskaya and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai

Brian McClellan – The Powder Mage novels and novellas

Jason Hough – The Dire Earth Trilogy and Zero World

Michael J Sullivan – The Riyria books and Hollow World

Wesley Chu – The Tao Trilogy and Timesalvager (with coupon code “DABLIGHTDAY”)

Everyone has done things in their own way, so be sure to check out their stores if interested. For my part, I put everything I have in the store on sale. You can see the prices and what I’m offering in my online store. My sale will be up until December 15th. The others will be available into December as well.

Please share with others that might like some signed books!