Douze Rois dans Sharakhai Vend à Bragelonne!

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Two years ago, I decided to take a leap and travel to Brighton in the UK for World Fantasy. I wasn’t planning on going, but we’d sold Twelve Kings in Sharakhai earlier that year to DAW as well as Gollancz and both my publishers were going to be there, so I thought, what the hell?

While I was there, I attended a joint party between Gollancz and Bragelonne (who share a lot of the same titles and have a close relationship), and while there, I had a chance to talk a while with the publisher of Bragelonne for a while. We had a great talk and he seemed interested in Twelve Kings. I was more than a little psyched. The chance to be translated and sold in other countries is one of the greater thrills of being an author. Plus I’d seen a lot of Bragelonne books and knew they published some of the best fantasy in France. And their covers! They’re really top notch. Here are but a few:

Scott Lynch's The Republic of Thieves

Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves

Joe Abercrombie's Half a King

Joe Abercrombie’s Half a King

Peter Brett's The Desert Spear

Peter Brett’s The Desert Spear

I left Brighton on a real high, and when I returned home to the states, I let my agent know about the face-to-face. It seemed like a great meeting that might lead to something good.

And then some time passed. Then more. I heard no news. I thought the deal was dead. But the thing about publishing is, sometimes things take quite a while to come to fruition. There are any number of reasons why a book might not sell at one point (downturn in a particular genre, downturn in the overall market, a wait-and-see attitude about a particular project) and then suddenly things change and you have a deal in your hands.

And that’s exactly what’s happened with Twelve Kings and Bragelonne. I got the news earlier today that my agent, Russell Galen, and our foreign rights agent, Danny Baror, had made the deal with Bragelonne for French translation rights. A hearty thank you to both of them for seeing this deal through.

I’m very excited to be a Bragelonne author, and thrilled that I’ll be able to reach more fans. Bragelonne joins Droemer Knaur in Germany as the two translation deals we have for Twelve Kings so far, with hopefully more on the way.

More news as I have it. For now, though, c’est formidable!