Interior Pieces for Of Sand and Malice Made

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I mentioned in the artwork reveal post for Of Sand and Malice Made, a new Shattered Sands project I’m working on with artist René Aigner, that we were creating the cover art and a few interior art pieces. That post contains the two “cover art” pieces (more on that in a moment), and now I have the first of the interior art pieces.

This is for the second part of the triptych, a story called Born of a Trickster God. In it, the twin sons of a god of mischief come to play in Sharakhai. I’ll leave it at that for now so as to avoid spoilers, and more on to the piece René came up with:

Trickster Cover Final med

Born of a Trickster God

It’s a stunning piece. I love the smoke coming off the brazier. And René has done a great job in all three pieces (so far) playing with lighting.

Ok, so why are there two covers? The primary cover is going to be for the bound volume. The second cover was developed for Irindai, the first tale in the triptych, to act as a teaser for both the triptych itself and Twelve Kings in Sharakhai. I’ve received so much positive feedback on Irindai that I want to have it available as a standalone as well.

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I’ll charge something small for it, $0.99, most likely, and likely free for certain intervals, just to spur interest in the series. More news as I have it. I’ll be running the Kickstarter for this project some time next month, so keep an eye out for that.

Until then, happy reading!