Where I’ll Be at Gen Con

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I’ll be heading to GenCon again this year. It’s my “home” convention, as it used to be held at Parkside University in Kenosha, WI (where I first started attending) and later in Milwaukee, WI. It’s in Indianapolis now, of course, but I make the trek pretty much every year. I love the gaming aspect of it, where it has its roots, but I’ve come to love the writing aspect as well. Marc Tassin, and Jean Rabe before him, have done a great job of making the Writer’s Symposium one of the best writing tracks to be found at any convention.

I’m appearing on a number of panels again this year, but I also have five solo writing seminars on various topics. They’ve received strong positive feedback from the people that have attended in the past, and I really enjoy giving them. Talking about writing is one of my favorite things to do. So I hope, if you’re headed there, you’ll take a look and come sit in on one or two. I’ll also have a signing, so at the least, stop by there to say hello.

For those who’ve attended my solo seminars in the past, I have one new one, The Big Idea, a talk on idea generation and how to make your story stand out to readers.

One more note about Twelve Kings in Sharakhai. DAW Books and Penguin Random House have graciously offered up 100 copies of Twelve Kings to give away for those who attend the seminars. I hope you’re able to nab one. And if you do, please find me. I’d be happy to sign it for you!

Without further ado, here’s my schedule for Gen Con (all times Eastern):

Thursday, Jul 30

  • 11am — Craft: The Structure of Scenes (Rm. 242) — Learn everything you need to know about structuring scenes to create compelling stories.
  • 12pm — Craft: Tension on Every Page (Rm. 242) — Discuss types of tension, as well as ways to maximize them to keep your reader glued to the page.
  • 7pm — Craft: Novel Outline and Synopsis (Rm. 244) — Learn how to distill a story up front and how to boil it down to its essence in outline and synopsis form. With Steven Diamond (Moderator), Suzanne Church, Michael R. Underwood, Max Gladstone, and Brad Beaulieu.

Friday, Jul 31

  • 11am — Craft: Schroedinger’s Plot (Rm. 242) — SOLO SEMINAR — Master plotting techniques, from basic structural concepts to plotting to breaking writer’s block.
  • 12pm — Craft: Connective Tissue in Writing (Rm. 242) — SOLO SEMINAR — In writing, there are many different techniques that are rarely discussed together. Foreshadowing, parallel threads, theme, tone, character building, and more. In this seminar, these topics are discussed from the viewpoint of strengthening the story as a whole, taking a story that feels loose and directionless and working with the material that’s already there to make it strong and vibrant.
  • 4pm — Business: Crowdfunding 101 (Rm. 245) — Learn the basics of publishing through crowdfunding. Our panel discusses the do’s and the don’t’s, as well as how to plan for, run, and fulfill a crowdfunded project. With Brad Beaulieu (Moderator), Donald J. Bingle, George Strayton, Stan!, Shanna Germain
  • 5pm — Business: Advanced Kickstarter (Rm. 245) — Learn more of the power moves and insider secrets with respect to Kickstarters. With Susan J. Morris (Moderator) Brad Beaulieu, George Strayton, Stephen Hood, Howard Tayler.

Saturday, Aug 1

  • 10am — Characters: Character Voice (Rm. 244) — Learn how to not only differentiate your character voices, but create memorable characters that stand out. With Cat Rambo (Moderator), Aaron Rosenberg, Brad Beaulieu, Jay Posey, Kameron Hurley.
  • 2pm — Signing! Come visit me in the exhibit hall. Bring your copies of Twelve Kings for me to scribble on!
  • 5pm — Craft: The Big Idea (Rm. 243) — SOLO SEMINAR — NEW for 2015!— It’s important to have strong craft in writing, but just as important, perhaps even more important, is the ability to find that big idea that will grab the reader. Achieving the sensawunda we’re all hoping to find is tricky, but in this talk, I break down some tools you can use to find your next Big Idea.