In the Stars I’ll Find You Update

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I hit a nice milestone today. I wrapped my own edits for the last of the stories for my new story collection, In the Star’s I’ll Find You. There are ten stories in all. Seven of those will be put into a collection and delivered to the backers of Six by Six, the Kickstarter I ran with five other authors last year. And then, late this year (once the rights to all ten stories are back in hand), I’ll put the full collection. For anyone who backed the Kickstarter, know that I’ll give all of you the full collection when it’s out. I just don’t have the rights to do that just yet.

In any case, it’s a huge relief to have the stories for the collection finally ready, partially because I’m looking forward to wrapping that project up and getting rewards out for the Kickstarter. The next steps here are to get each of the previously unpublished stories (there are four of those) edited, and then the whole thing needs to be copy-edited. I have Marty Halpern lined up for both of those steps. I feel confident I’ll get the smaller collection of seven stories out to backers next month. And then later this year I’m going to do not only an e-book, but trade paperback and limited edition hardcover editions as well. More news on all that stuff when I get closer to release in the fall.

I’m also relieved because this finally paves the way for me to resume work on Book 2 of The Song of the Shattered Sands, tentatively titled With Blood Upon the Sand. I’ve got about 60k words, but the plot needs a lot of work. My plate is essentially cleared. I have two short story commitments, but I should be able to tackle both after the draft of the second book is complete. Twelve Kings in Sharakhai is also essentially done on my end. I’ve got one more proofread coming up, but that should go quickly

So from here on out, writing-wise, it’s Book 2, non-stop, until the first draft is done. I feel behind at this point. The book will be 180k or more. I can get 20k words a month done pretty easily, but I really need to ramp that up to 25k or 30k if I can manage it. We’ll see how it goes. I want to push, but not so much that the book suffers.

More news as it comes on both the story collection, Twelve Kings, and the new book.

But for now, it’s time to celebrate!