A sweet letter from a fan

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I rarely share correspondences from readers (and only with permission do I do so). I received this a while back and was so touched by it I wanted to share. This is regarding my story, “Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten”, which appeared in Realms of Fantasy a number of years back.

I found “Lest Our Passage Be Forgotten” in a 2008 Realms of Fantasy magazine I found laying in a Goodwill bin. This story has become precious to me, and it’s been awhile since I was allowed to cry like I did when I read it. Thank you, for your writing, and I’m pleased you’ve been writing still.

Keep writing, and God bless,

There are a lot of reasons I write, some small, some big. This is definitely one of the big ones, touching people through our words.

Thank you, Aria.