Progress on Twelve Kings

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Just finished the fourth draft of Twelve Kings in the past month or so. I’m nearly done. Just need to alter the timing of a few scenes. I should be able to turn it in later today. Fingers crossed!

I’ve got so many things that have been piling up, writing-wise, but the book that’s due takes precedence. Plus, I’m really super ultra eager to get this to the ARC stage and move this puppy to the next phase of publication.

The book itself feels solid and complete. I’m so close to it now, and I’ve read it so often these past few months, that my first-reader instincts are pretty much shot. I’ll trust to my editors to tell me if there are any last-minute tweaks to make. I’m sure there will be, but I’m also pretty sure that there’ll be relatively few.

More news as I have it!