Announcing Six by Six: A New Kind of Spec-Fic Anthology

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On December 1st, six authors, including yours truly, will be launching Six by Six: A New Kind of Spec-Fic Anthology, and we thought it was time we let you all in on the secret of who’s included and what, exactly, it is that we’ll be offering.

Six by Six brings together six of today’s most exciting speculative fiction authors. Each author brings to the backers of our Kickstarter a collection of six speculative fiction stories. 36 stories in all. That’s roughly twice the size of a typical anthology.

Each collection will be delivered in a package that contains DRM-free EPUB, MOBI, and PDF versions. In addition to the Six by Six collections, you’ll have the option of choosing from a number of cool rewards that have more goodies from our authors. We’ll have a number of early bird backing rewards, too, so plan to get in early before the prices go up! We’ll have stretch goals, of course, but the cool thing is if we hit them we’ll deliver more stories in the collections, which will bring more great fiction to you for the same price.

We’ll have more details in the coming days leading up to the launch on December 1st, but for now, here’s an introduction to the authors in the anthology and some details about the collections themselves.

The Authors

Bradley P. Beaulieu is the award-winning author of the critically acclaimed epic fantasy series, The Lays of Anuskaya, a series that has garnered many accolades, including a Top Ten Book and Debut of the Year for 2011 from Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist for The Winds of Khalakovo. Twelve Kings in Sharakhai, the first book in his new epic fantasy series, will be released by DAW Books in North America and Gollancz in the UK next year. Along with fellow author Gregory A. Wilson, Brad runs the highly successful science fiction and fantasy podcast, Speculate!, which can be found at Brad continues to work on his next projects, including a Norse-inspired middle grade series and a dark young adult series. For more about Brad and his writing, please visit

Brenda Cooper writes science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. Her next novel is EDGE OF DARK, March 2105, from Pyr. She has seven novels out and numerous short stories. Brenda is also a technology professional and a futurist, and publishes non-fiction on the environment and the future. Brenda lives in the Pacific Northwest in a household with three people, three dogs, far more than three computers, and only one TV in it. For more about Brenda, please visit

Stephen Gaskell, Author & Games Writer: Stories are fire. They can light the darkness and inspire pyromaniacs or–if you harness them–they can power civilizations. An award-winning writer, Stephen has spent his life harnessing his stories into fiction that has been published widely, featuring in Writers of the Future, Clarkesworld, and Interzone, among many other places. He has imagined worlds for Ubisoft and Amplitude Studios, written treatments for Hollywood, and inspired budding scientists at Brighton College, one of the UK’s top independent schools. Currently Lead Writer at Spiral Arm Studios, he is preparing the world for the coruscating vision of Maelstrom’s Edge. For more, please visit

Tina Connolly lives with her family in Portland, Oregon. Her first fantasy novel, IRONSKIN, was a Nebula finalist, and the sequels
COPPERHEAD and SILVERBLIND are now out from Tor. Her stories have appeared in Lightspeed,, Strange Horizons, and Beneath Ceaseless Skies. She narrates for Podcastle and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, runs the Parsec-winning flash fiction podcast Toasted Cake. For more about Tina and her writing, please visit

Will McIntosh is a Hugo award winner and Nebula finalist whose latest novel, Defenders (Orbit Books) has been optioned by Warner Brothers for a feature film. His previous novel, Love Minus Eighty, was named the best science fiction book of 2013 by the American Library Association, while his debut novel, Soft Apocalypse, was a finalist for a Locus Award, the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, and the Compton Crook Award. Along with four novels, he has published short stories in Asimov’s (where he won Reader’s Awards in 2010 and 2013), Lightspeed, Science Fiction and Fantasy: Best of the Year, and elsewhere. Up next is a Young Adult novel, Burning Midnight, to be published by Delacorte Press/Penguin Random House. Will was a psychology professor before turning to writing full-time, and still occasionally teaches Introductory Psychology at the College of William and Mary. He lives in Williamsburg with his wife and their twins. For more about Will and his writing, please visit

Martha Wells is the author of over a dozen fantasy novels, including the Books of the Raksura series (The Cloud Roads, The Serpent Sea, The Siren Depths), The Wizard Hunters, and the Nebula-nominated The Death of the Necromancer, as well as the YA fantasies, Emilie and the Hollow World and Emilie and the Sky World. She has had stories in Black Gate, Realms of FantasyStargate Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, and in the anthologies ElementalTales of the Emerald Serpent, The other Half of the Sky. She has also written media-tie-ins, Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary, Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement, and Star Wars: Razor’s Edge. Her most recent books are a two-volume collection of novellas set in the Books of the Raksura world. For more about Martha and her writing, please visit

The Collections

Martha Wells – Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories


  • The Potter’s Daughter – Kade Carrion investigates troublesome magic in a small village. “The Potter’s Daughter” first appeared in Elemental, May 2006.
  • Night at the Opera – A noble Rienish family asks Reynard Morane to thwart a sorcerous blackmailer, and he recruits a reluctant Nicholas Valiarde to help. “Night at the Opera” is original to this collection.


  • Holy Places – Ilias is abandoned by the Finan family and finds Andrien, just as the house is attacked. “Holy Places” first appeared in Black Gate #11, August 2007.
  • Rites of Passage – Most people in Cineth believe Giliead is too young to take up the duties of a Chosen Vessel, but he may not have a choice. “Rites of Passage” first appeared on in April 2014.
  • Houses of the Dead – Giliead and Ilias are called to investigate a strange happening in godless territory, and find a deserted city. “Houses of the Dead” first appeared in Black Gate #12, July 2008.
  • Reflections – Searching the wilderness for a fleeing wizard, Giliead and Ilias encounter strange magic. “Reflections” first appeared in Black Gate #10, March 2007

Will McIntosh – Futures Near and Far

  • A Clown Escapes from Circus Town – Beaners the clown escapes the walls of Circus Town, and discovers what lies beyond Sex Town, Superhero Town, Medieval Town, and all the rest. “A Clown Escapes from Circus Town” first appeared in Interzone.
  • The Perimeter – An intelligent alien parasite attaches itself to a human colonist and forces her into the wilderness, where it shows her off to fellow parasites. “The Perimeter” was first published by Orbit Books.
  • Possible Monsters – Returning to his empty childhood home after giving up on his dream of playing major league baseball, Cooper discovers that a creature from another dimension has taken up residence in his living room. “Possible Monsters” first appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction.
  • Street Hero – As his town declines into the chaos of the soft apocalypse, Cortez resolves to use his martial arts skills to protect the innocent, but discovers being a hero is more complicated than he thought. “Street Hero” first appeared in Interzone.
  • A Flea Market Vendor Finds Love in a Time of Sleeplessness – When a virus renders everyone unable to sleep, at all, a flea market vendor falls in love with a woman, but can’t be sure if she’s real or a walking dream. “A Flea Market Vendor…” first appeared in NFG.
  • The Fantasy Jumper – At the 2116 World’s Fair you can pay to watch an android jump from a roof and plunge to her death. You can watch her jump a thousand times, if you want. But what does the android want? “The Fantasy Jumper” was first published in Black Static.

Tina Connolly – Scales & Other Transformations

  • Hard Choices – You land on a planet of shapeshifters. You choose to go  into a cave. You try not to flub the hard choices in this short-short choose your own adventure. “Hard Choices” first appeared in Brain Harvest.
  • Moon at the Starry Diner – Jem wants to settle down with Moon. But Moon keeps turning into different things—a bear, a defense attorney. A skyhook. “Moon at the Starry Diner” first appeared in Heliotrope.
  • One Ear Back – To become human, cursed kitten Kisa has to do a good deed that has never been done before. A retelling of the Icelandic folk tale, “Kisa the Cat,” “One Ear Back” first appeared in Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
  • As We Report to Gabriel – Good people do not let fairies live with them—nor fairy dust. Some of the ideas in this story later developed into the Ironskin world. “As We Report to Gabriel” first appeared in Fantasy.
  • Silverfin Harbor – Chrestien loves Lei. Lei loves Sully. Sully loves the silverfins. “Silverfin Harbor” first appeared in The End of an Aeon anthology, ed. Bridget and Marti McKenna.
  • Scales and Honor – In Miriam’s family, one woman in every generation becomes a dragon whenever menace approaches their island kingdom. When her sister can no longer serve, Miriam is torn between the music she loves and her duty to her country. “Scales and Honor” is original to this collection.

Stephen Gaskell – Transit & Other Stories

  • Transit – In a backwater town on an undistinguished planet, Kelvin discovers his father’s been keeping a big secret in his workshop on the edge of town. Desperate to get to the bottom of things, Kelvin’s investigations lead him to the capital, where he learns of an even more stunning truth. “Transit” is exclusive to this collection, and is a first glimpse into the MAELSTROM’S EDGE universe, a major science-fiction IP launching soon.
  • Aquestria – On a dying planet, where two nations fight among the scraps, a broken man is discovered in the borderlands close to one of the nation’s territory. Suspected of being an enemy spy, it is up to a grieving Special Investigations agent to uncover the truth… “Aquestria” first appeared in Interzone Issue 226 (Jan/Feb 2010).
  • The Data Runners Above Our Heads: A Documentary – One-Time, a data runner who’s never been caught, wants to go down in the history books. Suzanne, a journo still searching for her big break, wants to tell his story to the world. Data Runners is a tale of surveillance, hypocrisy, and death-defying parkour across London’s skyline. “The Data Runners Above Our Heads: A Documentary” first appeared in Abyss & Apex Issue 47 (July 2013).
  • Hiroshima Sunflowers – No one in Ed’s family knows exactly why Uncle Zack suddenly upped and left San Francisco to live in the Mexican wilderness fifteen years past. When Ed, a fine-art major, visits and accidentally uncovers some troubling artifacts, the crazy truth comes tumbling out. “Hiroshima Sunflowers” first appeared in the Times of Trouble anthology from Permuted Press.
  • The Great Rift: Twenty Evocations – In a world experiencing future shock at ever dizzying rates, The Great Rift: Twenty Evocations paints twenty blackly comic vignettes in the life of Cassini, a transhuman struggling to find his place in the world. “The Great Rift: Twenty Evocations” is exclusive to this collection.
  • Brood – Artem is a brilliant scientist with brilliant ideas to excavate mineral riches from the asteroid Vesta using swarms of giants insects. When his sister, Lena, escorts a journalist to the rocky world to record this marvelous feat of bioengineering, things go from bad to terrifying shortly after radio contact with the base is lost. “Brood” first appeared in the Extreme Planets anthology from Chaosium Inc.

Brenda Cooper – Beyond The Waterfall Door: Stories of the High Hills

  • The Handyman’s Apprentice – An apprentice handyman discovers his calling…in a place he could never have imagined. First appeared as “Jack of the High Hills” in The Dimensions Next Door, in 2008.
  • The Backup Singer – A busker is drawn into an quest to help a young man find his true love. “The Backup Singer” is original to The Waterfall Door.
  • Magic Paint – A young woman finds an unusual way to deal with an alcoholic mother. First appeared as “Horses of the High Hills, in Children of Magic, in 2006.
  • Her Black Mood – An apprentice magic painter finds out what lurks in the darkest part of her soul, and also learns a bit about her teacher’s mysterious past. “Her Black Mood” first appeared in “Killer Bunnies and Zombie Raccoons,” in 2009.
  • All Hallows in the High Hills – Just when an old man believes he is all and finally alone, he finds his last, best friend somewhere completely unexpected. “All Hollows in the High Hills” first appeared in “Magic, Mystery, and the Macabre,” in 2013.
  • The Back of the Drum – Amaya can’t wait to get through the waterfall and door and see her lover after a winter of separation, but she nearly trips over is a badly beaten young girl with no memory of the crimes committed against her. “The Back of the Drum” is original to Beyond the Waterfall Door.

Bradley P. Beaulieu – Compartmentalized & Other Stories

  • Compartmentalized – Mitch has been hiding something. The trouble is, he no longer has any idea what it is, not after he’d submitted himself to a new procedure known as compartmentalization. There’s a part of Mitch that wants to learn more, but another part is desperate to keep it from him. “Compartmentalized” is original to this collection.
  • Upon the Point of a Knife – Jonah is an orphan who runs the streets of 1800’s Providence, but everything changes when an old man approaches him and offers him a knife that doesn’t draw blood, but one’s very soul. “Upon the Point of a Knife” first appeared in the Crimson Pact V anthology from Iron Dragon Books.
  • Chasing Humanity – The world has been waiting for the transcendence of artificial intelligence for decades. It finally arrives, but the AI is immediately plunged into mystery when it, and its creator, both disappear. “Chasing Humanity” first appeared in the Man vs. Machine anthology from DAW Books.
  • Bloom – A scientist struggles to contain a viral outbreak that threatens the world’s food supplies, “Bloom” is a story of heroism even in the face of unstoppable political forces. “Bloom” first appeared in the Heroes anthology from Silence in the Library Publishing.
  • Born of a Trickster God – Part two of The Rümayesh Triptych, a trio of tales set in the world of The Song of the Shattered Sands. In this installment, Çeda learns more of Rümayesh, the powerful creature that has been living hiding in the streets of Sharakhai for centuries. “Born of a Trickster God” is original to this collection.
  • No Viveremos Como Presos – Miguel only has his grandfather’s best interests at heart, but when his grandfather starts talking about an organization whose motto is “We will not live as prisoners,” Miguel becomes worried. “No Viveremos Como Presos” first appeared in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show Issue 9 (July 2008).