My GenCon Schedule

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I’m headed to the GenCon Game Fair this week. Are you? If so, come and say hello. Here are the events, panels, signings, and readings I’ll be participating in this year. I’ve noted the solo panels I’m giving in blue.  I’ve been doing these solo panels for quite a few years now, and I really enjoy them. I’m introducing a new one this year as well, a seminar on connective tissue in writing that I’m really excited about.

For more about the GenCon Writers Symposium, visit their website for information on attending pros, the seminars, schedules, and more:

Thursday, Aug 14

  • 12pm — Writer’s Craft: Clichés and Stereotypes (Rm. 245) — Clichés and stereotypes aren’t always evil, and we’ll teach you how to use them in a way that improves your story rather than harming it.
  • 2pm — Writer’s Craft: Schroedinger’s Plot (Rm. WKS) —Master plotting techniques, from basic structural concepts to plotting to breaking writer’s block.
  • 6pm — Writer’s Craft: Purple or Poetry? (Rm. 244) —Master plotting techniques, from basic structural concepts to plotting to breaking writer’s block.
  • 7pm — Writer’s Craft: Non-Medieval Fantasy (Rm. 244) — Break free from the traditional medieval fantasy worlds and take the readers somewhere (or when) they haven’t been before. From colonial- era wizards to renaissance dragons, explore the many options.
  • 8pm — Writer’s Craft: Small Scale Adventure (Rm. 244) — Not every hero needs to save the world! Learn to write exciting stories that take place on a small scale, and discover tips for getting readers engaged even if the events aren’t earthshaking.

Friday, Aug 15

  • 3pm — Writer’s Craft: Tension on Every Page (Rm. WKS) — Discuss types of tension, as well as ways to maximize them to keep your reader glued to the page.
  • 4pm — Writer’s Craft: The Structure of Scenes (Rm. WKS) — Learn everything you need to know about structuring scenes to create compelling stories.
  • 6pm — Writer’s Craft: Neverending Stories (Rm. 244) — Get tips on writing when you’re not allowed to end the story. From tie-in work involving beloved characters to a series where you have to hand the story off to the next author, we’ll teach you how.
  • 7pm — Writer’s Craft: Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone (Rm. 244) — Learn to write about topics you haven’t had personal experience with—and maybe don’t want to! Discover how to write stories that include topics, characters, and events outside your comfort zone.
  • 8pm — Special Event: Writers of the Future (Rm. 245) — A talk with past Writers of the Future winners.

Saturday, Aug 16

  • 9am — Publishing: Kickstarter 101 (Rm. 244) — Kickstarter is a great a tool for authors, and our panel of experienced and successful Kickstarters will tell you what you need to know to succeed on the most well-known crowdfunding site.
  • 10am — Publishing: Self Publishing (Rm. 244) — Learn the difference between self-pub and vanity press, get tips on ways to achieve success in self-publishing, and find out where and how best to sell your self-published stories.
  • 12pm — Middle Grade: Writing to their Reading Level (Rm. 243) — What is the appropriate reading level to write at for a middle grade audience? And how do you do it? In this panel we’ll teach you what you need to know to write right for middle graders.
  • 1pm — Middle Grade: Weaving Plots for Middle Graders (Rm. 243) — How complex can you make your plots? What types of stories really resonate with this age group? We’ll teach you to craft plots that middle graders will love.
  • 3pm — Signing in the Dealer’s Hall
  • 5pm — Writer’s Craft: Connective Tissue in Writing (Rm. WKS) — In writing, there are many different techniques that are rarely discussed together. Foreshadowing, parallel threads, theme, tone, character building, and more. In this seminar, these topics are discussed from the viewpoint of strengthening the story as a whole, taking a story that feels loose and directionless and working with the material that’s already there to make it strong and vibrant.