GenCon Writers Symposium

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You a gamer? A writer? A gaming writer?

Then check out this nice post from Nathan Hall on the upcoming GenCon Writers Symposium.

You can also check out the Writers Symposium page:

I’ll be participating in lots of panels and giving three of my own solo panels, which, by the way, have already sold a large number of seats. Seats are limited, so if you plan to attend, grab a ticket now. Click here to see the full schedule of events at the Writers Symposium.

Here’s a rundown of the panels I’ll be on:

Thursday, August 15th

9am – Realistic Writing: Computers & Security (with Dylan Birtolo, Jerry Gordon, & Donald J. Bingle) – Uninstall that Hollywood OS! Learn to use computers and technology realistically in your stories

11am – Signing in the Dealer’s Hall @ Author’s Alley

1pm – The Structure of Scenes – In-depth seminar: learn everything you need to know about structuring scenes to create compelling stories.

2pm – The Art of Storytelling (with Patrick Rothfuss, Mercedes Lackey, & Larry Dixon) – Storytelling is at the heart of all writing. Learn how to tell unforgettable, irresistible stories.

5pm – Literary Alchemy (with Patrick Rothfuss, Gregory A. Wilson, & James L. Sutter) – The right words can make a reader laugh, cry, or leap for joy. Explore the uncanny power of words.

Friday, August 16th

9am – Podcasting (with Gregory A. Wilson & Howard Tayler) – Experienced author-podcasters share the tricks for the trade.

12pm – Signing in the Dealer’s Hall @ Author’s Alley

3pm – Tension on Every Page – In-depth seminar: discuss types of tension, as well as ways to maximize them to keep your reader glued to the page.

4pm – Meet the Writers of the Future (with David Farland, Jim Hines, Gary Kloster, & Geoffrey Girard) – David Farland and a panel of authors who have won the prestigious Writers of the Future prize discuss the art of writing great stories.

Saturday, August 17th

11am – Signing in the Dealer’s Hall @ Author’s Alley

1pm – Schrödinger’s Plot – In-depth seminar: master plotting techniques, from basic structural concepts to plotting to breaking writer’s block.

4pm – Reading with Mary Robinette Kowal

5pm – Genre Blender (with Erik Scott de Bie, Joel Shepherd, and Monica Valentinelli) – Discover ways to mix your favorite genres without leaving the reader’s head spinning.

If you come to GenCon, come say hello. I’d love to see you!