Fixed on Fantasy calls The Lays of Anuskaya “Brilliant”

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Joshua Lowe over at Fixed on Fantasy had this to say about The Flames of Shadam Khoreh: “This story is brilliant and you should definitely read the entire trilogy.”

Here are a few interesting pieces from the review:

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh is an intensely satisfying and captivating read and a great ending to this series. Beaulieu has crafted an incredibly mature and complex story that seemingly never takes the easy way out. It was refreshing to experience characters that have changes of heart, who get things wrong and even at times, lead the reader completely astray with their conjecture.

and the close, after a discussion of the characters and how much (or how little) was revealed to the reader:

Taking all that into consideration, Flames is still brilliant and a credit to the fantasy genre. There are many strengths in this book I haven’t even touched on (mostly because I brought them up in reviews of the two prequels) such as the exquisite use of language and names, impressive world-building and incredibly rich cultures that have been ingrained in the characters and story.
I will definitely be reading more of Beaulieu and you should too!

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