New Raffle for The Flames of Shadam Khoreh – Signed Artwork!

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I mentioned yesterday that I would have two raffles for the Kickstarter. The first is a raffle for signed ARCs (of which very few will be printed). The second is for prints of the artwork for The Lays of Anuskaya. These prints will be signed by both the artist, Evgeni Maloshenkov, and me.

Just how many prints will depend on whether we reach the second artwork stretch goal. We stand at 3 prints now, but hopefully you’ll all force me to make it 6 if we break $10,000. I’m confident we can do it, but the pressure’s on now. Only a little over two days left on the Kickstarter remain. So please, keep spreading the word!

The raffle will be similar to the one for the ARCs. I’ll give each backer one “ticket” for each dollar spent as part of their reward. I’ll then draw numbers using a random number generator to choose the winners. Each backer can only win once, but you canwin both an ARC and an art print. I’ll draw the winners and send these out shortly after the Kickstarter is done this Thursday.

Thanks again for all your support along the way. You’ve made this project an amazing success already. Now let’s push through to the finish!