Amazing Stories calls Flames “The capstone of a landmark series”

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Another review of The Flames of Shadam Khoreh has come in, this one from Keith West at  Amazing Stories. It’s a pretty spoiler-free review and is very complimentary of the entire series. Here’s the kicker:

The Flames of Shadam Khoreh is the capstone of a landmark series full of intrigue, swashbuckling, betrayal, sacrifice, and love.

But there are other great parts of the review, like this one:

These are dark books, but they aren’t nihilistic. Throughout the trilogy there’s a sense of hope. Nikandr, Atiana, and their companions refuse to give in to despair, even though there’s plenty to despair about.

That paragraph is especially gratifying, as that’s the tone I was shooting for over the entire series. It’s nice to see that it came across that way: dire but hopeful.

Read the full review at Amazing Stories.

A reminder: The Kickstarter for The Flames of Shadam Khoreh, which includes rewards for limited edition hardcovers of The Lays of Anuskaya series, runs until April 11th.