In short, it was brilliant and I loved it — Fixed on Fantasy takes on Winds

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Joshua Lowe over at Fixed on Fantasy doesn’t, apparently, do full-blown reviews of fiction, but instead does quick takes of novels once he’s done reading them. So while it isn’t as detailed a review as you might find elsewhere, I rather like Joshua’s take on reviews, and not only because he was very complimentary of Winds. Sometimes it’s nice to get a quick take on a book, enough to decide whether it’s for you, and then you can dig in and see for yourself.

Despite its brevity, there are several choice bits from the review, among them:

Once I finally got my head around this though (and the unfamiliar Russian names), Winds became extremely rewarding and engrossing. The mysterious nature of the aether, the hazhan and the role of Nasim to both the characters and myself as the reader gave a much greater weight and realism to the story.

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