Join me for an AMA at Reddit tonight at 8pm CST

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Tonight at 8pm CST, join me, along with special guest hosts Peter V. Brett and Myke Cole, for a Fantasy Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). The AMAs are threaded forums where readers and fans get to interact with authors. So feel free to stop by and post a question or two. Tough and/or embarrassing questions welcome—nay, are encouraged! (That doesn’t mean I’ll answer them, of course, but it’s always fun to get some non-standard ones thrown in.)

And keep in mind, although the AMA is focused on me and my writing, feel free to hit Peat or Myke up with a question if you’d like as well.

The AMA starts at 8pm CST, but feel free to stop by earlier and post questions, and I’ll answer them when I join tonight.

New to Reddit? You just need to follow a few simple steps to join in the fun:

1. Create a username on Reddit in order to ask a question.

2. Visit the AMA anytime today or live tonight between 7-9pm CST. Read the intro at the top and post your question (or questions) in the comments. You might see Peat & Myke firing away some starting questions throughout the day.

3. Reddit uses a pretty simple ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ system. See a question you want Brad, Myke or Peat to answer? Click the arrow to the upper left of the question to upvote it! The authors will answer the most popular questions first.

You can also just click the AMA link to follow along with questions and answers.

Hope to see you there!