My speaking schedule for GenCon this weekend

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I’ll be attending GenCon in Indianapolis this weekend, and I’ll be on a number of panels, plus giving a reading and signing some books. If you’re coming to GenCon, stop on by!

Note: all panels are 1 hour in length.

  • Thursday, Aug 16th
    • 11:00 am — In the Mood: Brad Beaulieu, Donald J. Bingle, and Richard Lee Byers. Setting the proper mood for your story is vital, but it requires finesse. Our panelists divulge how to use language, structure, and setting to create the perfect mood for your tale. Plus, get tips on how to maintain the mood without losing your literary voice.
    • 1:00 pm — Painting With Words: Brad Beaulieu, Richard Lee Byers, Patrick Rothfuss, and Gregory Wilson. Do you write for the love of language? Is your favorite author one whose prose borders on poetry? Learn to use language to captivate your readers while avoiding the dreaded “purple prose.”
  • Friday, Aug 17th
    • 9:00 am — Writing: Art or Craft?: Donald J. Bingle, Brad Beaulieu, and Jerry Gordon. Is writing all about art and inspiration? Or is it more perspiration than inspiration? Or is it something in-between? Our panelists debate this oft discussed topic to help you decide if you need a muse or a toolbox!
    • 1:00 pm — The Structure of Scenes: Brad Beaulieu. Well structured scenes make for compelling story telling. How can you construct powerful scenes for a novel or short story? And how do you string scenes together to create a vivid and stirring piece of writing? Learn everything you need to know about the art of structuring scenes.
    • 3:00 pm — Author Signing at Author’s Avenue
  • Saturday, Aug 18th
    • 9:00 am — See It in Print—Making it in Traditional Publishing: John Helfers, Elizabeth Vaughan, Brad Beaulieu, and Howard A Jones. With all the talk about e-books and online publishing these days, it’s easy to forget that traditional publishers are still industry powerhouses. Our panelists discuss what it takes to get published with a traditional publisher. They’ll also explore the advantages and disadvantages of taking the traditional route to print.
    • 11:00 am — Author Signing at Author’s Avenue
    • 1:00 pm — Tension on Every Page: Brad Beaulieu. Tension is one of the basic building blocks of modern day fiction. If you know how to lay the seeds of tension, and how to coax them, you can transform your fiction from merely noteworthy to exceptional. In this seminar, the different types of tension are discussed, as well as ways to maximize them to keep your reader glued to the page.
    • 3:00 pm — Pick Our Brains: Marc Tassin, Brad Beaulieu, and Elizabeth Vaughan. We’ve written short stories, novels, roleplaying game material, and more. You lead the discussion in this “anything goes” panel. Come pick our brains . . . if you dare!
    • 5:00 pm — Reading: Brad Beaulieu and Kelly Swails. Kelly Swails and Brad Beaulieu provide dinner theater at its finest when they read to you from their latest works. Grab some food and bring it up for an amazing hour of free entertainment.
  • Sunday, Aug 19th
    • 11:00 am — Writing When Inspiration Fails You: Kelly Swails, Brad Beaulieu, and Gregory Wilson. Writing when you’re inspired is wonderful, but what do you do when you have a deadline looming and your muse has fled? Whether you’re facing writer’s block, churning out something you’ve lost interest in, or you don’t have time to wait for inspiration, our panelists discuss ways to get the job done.