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Keith over at Adventures Fantastic recently read and reviewed The Straits of Galahesh. Keith had read The Winds of Khalakovo last year and was really impressed by it. Here’s that review. Well, he apparently likes Straits as well. Here’s the kicker:

If you read The Winds of Khalakovo, then you will want to read The Straits of Galahesh.  If you haven’t, then buy and read them both.  This one is full of excitement, suspense, and betrayal.  Lots of betrayal, some intentional, some not.  I’ve read a great deal of fantasy in the last year, and almost all of it was good to great.  The Straits of Galahesh was one of the best.

That wasn’t my favorite part of the review, though. This was:

It’s just that Beaulieu has taken his character development to a new level.  And not just with the three viewpoint characters:  Nikandr, Atiana, and Nasim.  The supporting cast of siblings, servants, soldiers, and others come alive as individuals.  I found this to be particularly true of Soroush, the terrorist leader who was one of the central villains in the first book.  Here he grows into one of the more heroic figures.  In short Beaulieu has created a cast of characters who live, breath, and about whom the reader cares.  He populates the book with them.

Then he kills them.

Not all of them, of course.  A number survive.  But no one’s survival is guaranteed.  At no time does Beaulieu kill off a character gratuitously.  Each death is logical and comes naturally from the events in the story.  None of these characters die for cheap emotional manipulation.  And once it sinks in that any one of these people may not make it to the last page, it heightens the suspense.

I don’t enjoy killing off characters. Then again, it’s necessary to do exactly what Keith describes, to make things more serious for those that survive. I’m gratified that it served that purpose, and that the deaths didn’t feel gratuitous.

If you want to read the full review, head on over to Adventures Fantastic.


  1. Ryan Leduc

    April 11, 2012 at 9:51 am


    now I am *really* worried about character R. , LOL.

    Glad to hear people are liking Straits. My copy Straits just arrived in the mail so I started it last night.
    A nice way to start the second novel.

    • Brad

      April 11, 2012 at 4:26 pm

      Cool, Ryan! I hope you enjoy the read!