Your Hugo Award Public Service Announcement

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Ah, awards season. What would they be without (a) a few gentle reminders to vote and (b) a note or two about what you can vote for? Lest your award season, and in particular the Hugo Awards, feel incomplete, here are the wee little projects that I can offer up for your kind consideration.

Best Novel

My, ahem, modest epic fantasy, The Winds of Khalakovo, came out last year in April and is eligible for the Best Novel category.

Best Novella

Late, late, late last year (December 23rd, to be exact) I released a dystopian sci-fi thriller with Stephen Gaskell called Strata. Releasing so late in the year was a tactical error on our part. We were trying to catch the avalanche of e-book sales as everyone got a new e-reader for Christmas. Had we been thinking, at all, we would have delayed a week to give our little story a bit more time for awards varied and sundry.

Still, Steve and I are both terribly proud of this tale of a social unrest on a solar mining platform. We hope you agree, and we’d be grateful for your vote in the Best Novella category.

Best Fancast

It is apparently my year for collaborations, because I also started up a podcast with friend and fellow writer, Greg Wilson called Speculate. I think it’s a really fun podcast with a unique approach to our shows. We generally do triptychs for a given work of specfic literature (an anthology, magazine issue, or novel). The first show is a reader response, the second is an interview with the author and sometimes editor, and the third is a discussion of writing technique based on what we read. It’s a great way to dig a bit deeper and to learn more from guests than you might on other shows, and we’re proud of that.

And, please forgive me for a moment as I put in a plug for Greg. I like to think that I do ok on the show for a guy that had no radio/podcasting experience before starting the show. Greg, however, is REALLY good at doing these podcasts. He’s got a voice cast in the back rooms of the radio hall of fame, he asks incisive questions, and he’s always light on his feet. Just listen to one show and you’ll see what I mean.

If you decide to vote for us in the Best Fancast category, you have our heartfelt thanks.

So, that’s it, my friends. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your votes, even if they weren’t for us.


  1. Ryan

    March 12, 2012 at 8:20 pm

    Best of luck with the Hugos. I’d love to visit Chicago again (I have fond memories of Chicago deep-dish pizza *sigh*) for that convention, but it’s not likely.

    I’ll have to look for one closer to home, like Toronto.

    btw, did you see the mention of your novels in the recent SF Signal’s review of “The Emperor’s Knife” by Mazarkis Williams?

    Did you know your books were part of a new Fantasy subgenre the reviewer dubbed “Silk Road Fantasy?” 😉

    • Brad

      March 13, 2012 at 8:14 am

      Thanks, Ryan. It’d be nice to get nominated for one of those awards one day, but there’s always such stiff competition (which is a good thing).

      Yeah, I saw that mention by Paul Weimer. On another comment on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, he also called it a Heartland Theory Fantasy (, which I thought was both cool and apropos.

      Btw, World Fantasy later this year is in Toronto. ( You should check that out as a possible con.

      • Ryan

        March 13, 2012 at 3:18 pm

        Thanks for the heads up for the World Fantasy convention. I’m in Hamilton which is about 45-60 minutes from Toronto, so I can easily go there for the day.

        I think I will look into getting tix. I saw that Patricia Briggs will be attending. I’m a big fan of her Mercy Thompson series, and I’d loved to get them signed!

        btw, your contest looks pretty cool. Personally, the 3rd prize would be the big prize to me, but I can see how the 1st and 2nd prize would have a wider appeal (i.e. to non collectors).

        Your interactive map is awesome! I only had time to take a quick, but I like how it has multiple layers and even some unexpected surprises. Damn good job!