Walking on Stilts: My guest post on BookSpotCentral

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The wonderful folks over at BookSpotCentral had me by to talk about Strata, my dystopian sci-fi thriller set on the surface of the sun.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the post:

For the writing itself, we started out with Google docs. Steve largely wrote the first draft of the frame story, Poulson’s story, and I wrote the inner tale, Kawe’s story. We had worked up the loose plot points, but here again, we found ourselves touching base, affecting one another’s story lines, such that by the time the first draft was done we had both influenced the inner and outer stories, even though we had each written our own unique thread.

And then came the drafts. The drafts!

We knew we’d have to massage this thing a lot. A lot. Why? Because two different people had each written half of a story, and we knew our distinct styles—no matter how similar they might be—would show, and that was something we weren’t going to allow. So we started rewriting, and rewriting, and… Well, you get the idea. We basically abandoned Google docs (due to a few glitches) and went back and forth via Word docs, each taking a pass, editing what was there, massaging the tale and the characters and the prose. We went through no less than twenty two drafts—twenty two! eleven each!—until we finally had what was released to the world in December.

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