Interview with me and Steve Gaskell on Strata, collaborations, and the state of the industry

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Stefan Raets was kind enough to invite Steve and I over to his brand new review site, Far Beyond Reality, to talk about Strata, how we collaborated, and why we decided against publishing through traditional channels. It was a fun back-and-forth interview. It was interesting for me to not only share some of my own thoughts, but to get Steve’s thoughts on the same experience.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview:

Far Beyond RealityI can’t speak for anyone else, but as someone who’s always been curious about how writing collaborations work, this is really fascinating. Slightly different subject: reading the novella, it feels like it melds different strands of SF. The solar platforms and the skimmer races have a far-future feel, but the story is set in the 22nd century and has a distinctly dystopian feel to it. There’s politics and sports and a resistance movement and a family drama and even a romance. Did you set out to mix so many elements in a relatively short format, or did some of them appear during the writing process?

Bradley Beaulieu: The racing and the solar platforms were the first elements chewed over in our initial attempts at fleshing out the story. The “racing on the sun” idea felt very cool, but it needed to be supported.

Why did they race?

Well, because it was exciting…

That’s not enough. It needs to be supported. Skimmers are expensive, and they wouldn’t be available to just anyone.

And this led to a bit of backstory (very little of which made it into the story)…

Read the full interview at Far Beyond Reality.