Worldbuilders 2011 Auctions

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In years past, I’ve been pleased to participate in Patrick Rothfuss’s wonderful yearly charity drive called Worldbuilders. The charity itself is great. It raises money for Heifer International by giving away books and all sorts of other cool stuff to those who donate to the charity. You can find out more about it on Worldbuilders’ Our Mission page.

I’ve typically donated books to the drive, and I’ve done that again this year, but I also wanted to get more involved, so I’ve decided to hold two special auctions for Worldbuilders.

The first auction is for a story or chapter critique of up to 7,500 words. I will draft a formal review that will cover such things as how well the story opens, complicates, and closes, how well the characterization works, dialogue, tone, pacing, tension, and a host of other issues. Essentially, he’ll provide a formal review on the positives and negatives found in the story.

The second auction is for one Tuckerization for inclusion in the third and final novel of my critically acclaimed Lays of Anuskaya trilogy. For those unfamiliar, a Tuckerization is the use of a person’s name or description in an original story. Term is derived from Wilson Tucker who made a practice of using his friends’ names for minor characters in the stories.

Both of these auctions are described in detail on my Worldbuilders 2011 page. To bid on these auctions, click on the following two links, which will take you to eBay.

For the descriptions of my and many other auctions, including a full MS critique from Patrick Rothfuss himself, head on over to the Worldbuilders blog to check out the details.

Remember, bid early and often for this great cause. And please spread the word. There’s only a few weeks left for this year’s drive!