The Straits of Galahesh hits its first “most anticipated” list

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There’s a lot brewing behind the scenes for the second book in my series. Lots of production stuff. Copy edits. Cover design. Packaging. And so on. But interest has been starting to brew from various reviewers. Justin over at Staffer’s Musings, however, is the first one to list The Straits of Galahesh on a “books I’m looking forward to” type of list. Here’s what he had to say:

#7: The Straits of Galahesh by Bradley P. Beaulieu (Night Shade)
Pat over at the Hotlist put Beaulieu’s debut, Winds of Khalakovo, in really rarefied air, calling it one of the 10 best novels he read this year.  I didn’t go that far, but it was a tremendously ambitious novel.  Despite some flaws in execution, comparable to those in Steven Erikson’s Garden’s of the Moon,Winds was a brilliantly conceived package.  If Beaulieu can smooth out some of the storytelling hiccups in his second novel, he could be in for a Malazan Book of the Fallen like rise in popularity.

I’m excited about the vote of confidence, and the comparison to Steven Erikson, but it’s starting the nerves to bubbling, just like last year when Winds was gearing up to hit the shelves.

On the other hand, I’m eager to get Straits out there. I had grown as a writer by the time it was written. I also knew the world and the characters better, which presented its own sorts of problems as I tried to push myself and them to grow and change. Hopefully the readers that liked Winds will also like Straits. I have a good feeling about it, but of course, in a few months it will no longer be up to me. It’ll be up to all of you, the readers.

I hope you enjoy it.