Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist’s take on Winds: Highly Recommended

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The Winds of Khalakovo recently hit Pat’s Fantasy Hotlists’s Top 10 Specfic Books for 2011. Pat wasn’t quite finished up with the review at the time, but it has now been posted to his site. The verdict? Highly recommended.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the review:

Truth be told, Bradley P. Beaulieu’s debut wasn’t on my reading schedule. And then, either Scott Lynch or Saladin Ahmed (can’t remember whom) got in touch with me, saying that Beaulieu had roomed with them at the World Fantasy Con or Worldcon and that perhaps I’d like to take a look at The Winds of Khalakovo. After that, Beaulieu’s emails somehow always ended up in my spam folder and it took forever for us to set something up. It didn’t look as though I would have time to read the book before the end of the year, but I agreed to post an extract.

The author sent me a complimentary copy of book nonetheless, one I truly wanted to read after going through the excerpt that went up on the Hotlist. I was intrigued by the flying ships and the whole Russian feel that appeared to permeate the story.

And boy am I glad I gave The Winds of Khalakovo a shot! Indeed, if not for a few shortcomings, Beaulieu’s debut had the potential to be one of the very best fantasy debuts of all time.

Here’s the kicker, though:

Since creating the Hotlist, I’ve come across some incredibly talented fantasy debut authors. One only has to think of Brandon Sanderson, Scott Lynch, Naomi Novik, Joe Abercrombie, Patrick Rothfuss, Hal Duncan, Brian Ruckley, and many more. Well, Bradley P. Beaulieu has the potential to be as good, or even better, than any of them.

Um. Wow. Head on over to Pat’s site for the full review.

UPDATE: if you buy Winds through Pat’s Amazon link before January 15th, you help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research.