In which Greg and I interview artist Mark Winters

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Over at Speculate, Greg and I talk with artist Mark Winters. Mark is a wonderful artist that I came across at GenCon this past August. I bought a few of his pieces and thought it would be nice to talk to him about his process. It was fun talking to Mark, because, well, artistic types are always fun to talk to. It’s interesting speaking about something as ephemeral as art and where it comes from with a guy who’s clearly gifted. It’s difficult to put these things into words, but Mark does so quite well.

Mark, who like our previously interviewed artist Adam Paquette has a broad range of interests in the field of speculative art and beyond, having worked in several different mediums and (in addition to his own work) for a number of prominent licensed properties like Dungeons and DragonsFantasy Flight Games and others. Mark discusses not only his current creative process but how his vision of art has been developed and shaped over the years, and the resulting interview is an interesting look into the mind of a talented creator. If you enjoy the conversation, remember to check out Mark’s other work, and make sure you come back next week for our interview of Courtney Schafer, author of the epic fantasy The Whitefire Crossing.

Head on over and give Episode 31 a listen.