Up at the Qwillery: A New Interview

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The Qwillery is having a debut author challenge this year, and they graciously invited me over to participate. The interview I did with them just went live. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview:

TQ:  Without giving anything away, what is/are your favorite scene(s) in The Winds of Khalakovo?

Bradley:  I’ll give the fan favorite and my own personal favorite.

First, the fan favorite. In the early parts of the book, Prince Nikandr Khalakovo is to be married to Princess Atiana Vostroma. Traditionally, the couple performs a folk dance in front of both families at a massive wedding feast. By the time this particular night rolls around, there’s a bit of, shall we say, rivalry between Nikandr and Atiana, and the results provide more than a bit of fireworks. Many people have told me it’s their favorite scene in the entire book, and it’s certainly one of mine, too.

But my favorite favorite is a very emotional one. It’s one in which Rehada, a woman who’s hiding many things even from those she loves, wants to enter a sacred place. Because of Rehada’s shady past, and to prove that she’s worthy of trust, the elder of the village Rehada wishes to enter asks her to perform a formal confession. Rehada does so, but doesn’t count on having to confess to Princess Atiana, a woman she has a deep-seated hatred for. She hates her not only because she is a woman of the ruling class, but because Rehada was Nikandr’s lover, and Atiana is the woman he’s about to be married to. As the scene plays out, Rehada reflects on her past, particularly on her relationship with her daughter and her daughter’s father. It’s very touching and emotionally wrenching. It was difficult to write, but that’s probably why I like it so much. It reveals so much about Rehada, not only what she’s like, but what made her that way.

Head on over to the Qwillery’s site for the entire interview.