Hey, I’m on Suvudu!

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A few months back, Night Shade pinged me about an opportunity to get on Suvudu’s Booked, a feature where they ask authors to share their favorite books with their readers. I sent in my post and more or less forgot about it. Well, it finally came out today. It’s pretty neat to be on Suvudu, a site I’ve watched so much over the past few years, mostly as it relates to the throwdowns they have between fictional characters in a gladiator, king-of-the-hill-style combat where readers vote for their favorites to win the battle. I’ve also watched a couple of video interviews with Pat Rothfuss, which was interesting, as they caught him sort of mid-skyrocket after The Name of the Wind came out and then nearing his apex as more and more people glommed onto Pat’s book (he only had the one out at the time). You can see an extended interview (four parts!) here and here. There was also a fun one where Pat interviewed Sandeep Parikh from The Guild and The Legend of Neil.

In any case, head on over and take a look.