Dig Zombies?

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Then head on over to the Night Bazaar, where we’re talking about monsters and celebrating Thomas Roche’s The Panama Laugh, a story about comedian zombies, or something.

Thanks, I’m here all week.

Seriously, though, Thomas is hosting a giveaway for his new book, and all you have to do is comment on any of the entries this week (check out this giveaway post for more details).

Here’s the blurb:

Ex-mercenary, pirate, and gun-runner Dante Bogart knows he’s screwed the pooch after he hands one of his shady employers a biological weapon that made the dead rise from their graves, laugh like hyenas, and feast upon the living. Dante tried to blow the whistle via a tell-all video that went viral — but that was before the black ops boys deep-sixed him at a secret interrogation site on the Panama-Colombia border.

When Dante wakes up in the jungle with the five intervening years missing from his memory, he knows he’s got to do something about the laughing sickness that has caused a world-wide slaughter. The resulting journey leads him across the nightmare that was the Panama Canal, around Cape Horn in a hijacked nuclear warship, to San Francisco’s mission district, where a crew of survivalist hackers have holed up in the pseudo-Moorish-castle turned porn-studio known as The Armory.

This mixed band of anti-social rejects has taken Dante’s whistle blowing video as an underground gospel, leading the fight against the laughing corpses and the corporate stooges who’ve tried to profit from the slaughter. Can Dante find redemption and save civilization?

Thomas also has a couple of awesome new sites: PanamaLaugh.com and ZombieLeaks.com. They’re hilarious. Check them out!

And finally, Mark Lawrence, author of the critically acclaimed Prince of Thorns, stopped by as a guest blogger this week. All in all, a fun week over at the Bazaar.