In Which I Interview Ed Greenwood

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Several weeks back at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Greg Wilson and I interviewed several of the Writers Symposium authors and editors for Speculate. This was one of the more fun parts of the convention for me, because, well, it's fun talking shop. While we were there, Greg managed to snag an interview with Ed Greenwood, and as it happened, I was the one that got to interview him. (You should have seen the Indian wrestling match I had with Greg for the right to do this. It wasn't pretty. Let's just say that Greg will be nursing a hammy and a hip flexor for a few months…)

I had not met Ed yet; I'd only heard an epic reading of Bronwynn, a brilliantly cheesy fantasy rivaled only by the Eye of Argon. I'd heard of Ed, of course, and I really loved that I got a chance to speak with him. It was one of the highlights of the convention, actually. Speaking to him, I could really feel the love of writing and the love of fantasy that he still holds in his heart, and frankly, it was moving to hear. I hope to be so excited about the field when I'm 20+ years in.

Listen for yourself over at Speculate, Episode 23. We interview not only Ed, but Robert FarnsworthDon BingleJerry GordonPaul GenesseMaurice BroaddusElizabeth Vaughan. It was great fun, and you'll get a good idea of what the Gen Con Writers Symposium is all about after listening to it.