Blogging for a Good Book takes on Winds

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Barry over at Blogging for a Good Book recently read The Winds of Khalakovo based on a recommendation from (I think) another of the bloggers at the same site. It's kind of sweet to hear that not only did someone like you're book, but that they picked it up based on the recommendation of someone else. That's like hitting that center hole in skee ball.

Here's a brief excerpt of the wonderfully complementary review:

Some readers will enjoy The Winds of Khalakovo as an exciting adventure story, where the assassination of a grand duke leads to turmoil and political upheaval in the islands. Beaulieu knows how to tell a tale, and his adept blending of politics, action, and magic is appealing. However, I was equally entranced by the characters that he brings to life in the story.

[…] I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment. Beaulieu is certainly a writer to watch.

You can read the full review here.