I’m glad I don’t have to do this

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A while back, I got news that Marek Pawalec, translator extraordinaire, had finished the Polish translation of The Winds of Khalakovo. He asked if I'd like to see the glossary he kept for the transliterations of various names and words. My fingers couldn't type fast enough. Of course I wanted to see them. I love that the book is being translated, and I'm fascinated by language and the process of translating concepts between the two.

The Polish alphabet is not vastly different from our Latin, but it has a number of diacritics that indicate different pronunciations of the base letter. I'm sure to multilinguals this is no big deal, but I get a real kick out of this.

For the record, I like Victania's transliteration the best, as it changes quite a bit bit still retains the old world feel I was going for (perhaps even better than the English version).

By the way, if you use Chrome, it can translate Marek's site to English, and on his site you can see all of the novels he's translated. That's quite an impressive list!