Paul Weimer reviews Winds for The Functional Nerds

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Paul Weimer has posted his review of Winds at The Functional Nerds. Here are a few brief excerpts from Paul's full review:

There is a lot here for epic fantasy fans to sink their teeth into. As I said in the opening to this review, Beaulieu has taken the opportunity to mine some unexplored veins for ideas in this secondary world. There is a genius to use Russian culture on a world template—an archipelago, very different than one might expect in a Russian culture inspired novel. Archipelagos are an uncommon and underused setting for secondary world novels.  It helps reinforce the secondary world feel of the book and is a great choice, I think, for the world building.

As I was reading this book, which I had purchased for my Kindle, a copy of the book, signed, came up as one of the items offered in the recent Genre for Japan donation auction. Even at that point, I was sufficiently impressed with the book that I wanted a signed copy, and so put in an ultimately winning bid for the signed copy.

And, I will definitely read the next book Beaulieu sets in this world.

Paul had some good observations, particularly about the dearth of Russian-themed fiction out there, but for me, those last three sentences say it all.