Dragon Page interviews me for Winds

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A few weeks back I taped an interview with Mike and Mike (that would be Stackpole and Mennenga) over at the Dragon Page, and it just went live.

In the interview I talk about the Russian and Persian influences of The Winds of Khalakovo, and how those informed the development of character and cultural traits of the story. I also talk about conventions from the perspective of learning the craft of writing, including the GenCon Writer's Symposium both from the perspective of a young, up-and-coming writer as well as from a participant in the panels. I attended several of Mike Stackpole's seminar's over the years, so it was great fun for me to be interviewed by him, author-to-author.

This was also my first "live" interview. I was a bit nervous at first, but the Mikes were wonderful interviewers and they really put me at ease. Plus, we were talking about writing. Find me a writer that doesn't like to talk about writing, and… Well, what I'd do doesn't really matter, because there's no such thing!