Killer Review of “Foretold” in Steampunk’d

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BoomTron recently reviewed Steampunk'd, which includes my story, "Foretold." It's nice to see a review talk a little bit about each story in the anthology. Too often they gloss over the individual stories, mentioning only a few. This one was very complimentary of "Foretold":

“Foretold” by Bradley F. Beaulieu was probably my favorite story in the anthology.  In the frozen north of Europe, mining crews use gigantic mechanical arachnids to mine meteorites.  They employ astronomers in order to predict where the meteorites will fall.  Since the materials are extremely valuable,  piracy is an issue, and secrecy about where the next fall is predicted is of the utmost importance.  Maks is one of the astronomers, and he has an apprentice whom he never seems to allow to work by himself.  Maks claims that it’s because his apprentice makes too many mistakes and is too unfocused, but his fellow crewmembers believe it’s more likely that Maks is simply frustrated because his apprentice seems to follow his own methods rather than the ones that Maks has taught him.  The crew is attacked for a recent haul by pirates, and the apprentice is kidnapped. Maks survives and realizes that his apprentice must be rescued because the boy has a far more important role to fill than simply being a mere astronomer.

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