The Winds of Khalakovo chosen as the Debut of the Month

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Patrick Wolohan, over at Yeti Stomper, has picked The Winds of Khalakovo as his April Debut of the Month. I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty cool, especially when it comes against stiff competition from the other great debuts in April.

Patrick says:

April is another strong month for debut authors with Among Thieves, The Unremembered, The Winds of Khalakovo, and Soft Apocalypse all hitting shelves within a few weeks of each other. If you had asked me three months ago, The Unremembered would have been my clear pick. But since then, I've seen nothing but strong reviews for Beaulieu's intricate work and while I haven't finished it, the chapters I have read have been impressive. The Grand Duchy of Anuskaya is a harsh environment full of bitter cold and wasting disease and Beaulieu populates it with hardy individuals who may have emigrated from Westeros. I've got a ton on my plate at the moment but I'm really looking forward to getting back into The Winds of Khalakovo when I get a chance. Therefore, I knight it the YetiStomper Debut of the Month.