One of the best debuts of this year…

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Stefan Fergus, also known as the Civilian Reader, has posted his review of The Winds of Khalakovo. It's a very positive review that digs into the politics of the world pretty heavily, which is kind of gratifying since that's something I like to hang my hat on. He also talk about the main systems of magic in use.

You can head on over to Stefan's site for the full review, but here's a quick teaser:

Put simply, this is a great, intelligent novel, set in a fully-realised and complex world. The pace may put off some readers who prefer their novels more brisk, but I think the pay-off justifies the steadier pace, which ramps up as we get closer to the dénouement, which pulls things together wonderfully. Highly original and engaging, The Winds of Khalakovo is one of the best debuts of this year, which also shows room for growth and expansion.

Highly recommended.

It's great to see the book out there in the world, and I'm absolutely delighted that it's hitting the marks I was shooting for when I wrote it.