Mad Hatter Guest Post and a Book Giveaway

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Over at The Mad Hatter's Book Review, I have a guest post up on the cultural influences in The Winds of Khalakovo.

Here's a small excerpt from my guest post:

The second culture that people will notice is Persian, or something akin to it. Some people have mentioned that the Aramahn and Maharraht in Winds remind them of the Bedouin culture, others Afghan. None of these is incorrect, as I was trying to capture not just one culture specifically, but a tapestry of subcultures. The Aramahn are a nomadic people. There are permanent communities, but they exist more as places for the Aramahn to land from their worldly travels and share knowledge. Like any large culture, it will eventually fracture, and this is seen in several different ways in Winds, from the ways in which they view the Grand Duchy to the ways that they view their lot in life.

Michael also ended up with two copies of Winds, so he's kindly holding a contest to give one of them away. Hop on over to his site for details on the giveaway.