Nice Review of Steampunk’d and my story, “Foretold”

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Gareth D. Jones over at the SF Crowsnest just reviewed Steampunk'd, a Steampunk anthology edited by Jean Rabe and Martin H. Greenberg. It contains my story, "Foretold," and Gareth had some nice things to say about it:

We head off to Russia, with Bradley P. Beaulieu in ‘Foretold’, aboard a steam-powered mining machine looking for meteorite strikes to collect. It’s a rugged life, well described with good characterisation, conflict and world-building and makes a refreshing contrast to the more usual settings.

There are a lot of cool stories in the anthology, including "The Nubian Queen," that Paul Genesse is getting a lot of attention for. He's even got the first half of it available as a podcast on his website.

If you're hankering for a bit of Steampunk, I would definitely consider giving it a read.