Awesome pics of the Winds cover creative process

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Along with Greg Wilson, I run the Speculate! podcast, and I was lucky enough to convince Adam Paquette, the cover artist for The Winds of Khalakovo, to come by for a visit. (FYI, the interview with Adam will go up on Feb 28th.)

It was really a fascinating discussion with Adam, partly because we were talking about my cover art, but also because (outside of a bit of photography and video experience) I just don't know much about creating in the visual arts. While we were talking, he spoke about his creative process. He said he got out of the flat, walked around Sydney, went down to the harbor, or whatever. Just things to shake the mind up a bit and get the creative juices flowing. He also talked about the thumbnail sketches he does. He does some rapid-fire sketches just to get an idea of the layout of the piece. He also uses them to try to match up the tone of the piece with the tone of the artwork. The sketches allow him to quickly pull together some thoughts on how the final piece might look.

Adam asked toward the end of the conversation if I'd like to get a look at a few of those sketches. I was like, wha? And then I was like, hells yes!

Here's what Adam shared with me, followed at the very end with the final cover.


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