A New Interview on The Spark and The Challenges of Writing

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Nancy Fulda is a fellow writer and also the braun and brain behind Anthology Builder. Nancy and I recently spoke (virtually, of course) about writing and my upcoming book, The Winds of Khalakovo. Here's a brief excerpt of the interview:

The Winds of Khalakovo touches on a wide range of concepts: geography and windships, political intrigue, autistic savants, class conflicts, and a mysterious wasting disease. Which of these elements first sparked your interest in Khalakovo? Which one made you sit up and realize you were going to have to write the book?

The genesis of the book is actually from a series of postcards of fine art that I picked up in Edinburgh, Scotland. (I posted about it over at the Night Bazaar if you're curious to hear more about that.) I used that artwork to first generate and then crystallize my thoughts about the book. Initially, I tried not to let any one thing rule the brainstorming I would do from time to time. I didn't even know who the main characters were at first. I was quite taken by the picture of the three sisters, though, and I knew right away, the moment I laid eyes on the original in the National Gallery, that they would play a major part in the novel.

The entire review can be found on Nancy's LJ.